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Buying real estate can be stressful, so you need a reliable partner who will make sure that you move into a new home or business premises with a smile on your face. Bellow there are 10 basic steps that will help you achieve such a result.



Start now.

As you have probably already discovered, the fastest way of finding real estate is not by browsing through various ads. The fastest way to success is to get in touch with a specialized real estate agent who will find real estate for you.


Tell us your wishes.

The real estate agent will guide you with questions that will help form your expectations and express your desires. Then he/she will start looking.


Get a selection of the most suitable ones.

When the real estate agent makes a selection of real estate that fit your wishes best, he/she will contact you as arranged. If your heart does not beat too fast, try to select your favourites and forward the selection to your real estate agent, so he/she can arrange a visit. If none of the real estate is right for you, the agent will roll up his/her sleeves a bit higher and seek forward.


Visit the most beautiful ones.

The real estate agent will advise you of how to make the most of your visit. Let him lead the way. Until you finally find the place where you feel at home, you will probably go to a number of visits.


Make an offer.

The real estate agent will help you make an offer for the seller and then forward it to him/her. If you wish, the agent will lead the negotiations with the intention of reaching the best price for you.


The seller and the buyer reach an agreement.

When the offer is accepted and the price and payment method are settled, your real estate agent will help you determine the method of implementing the legal process.


Make a draft contract.

The contract can be prepared by our lawyer that specializes in real estate business, or you can propose your own lawyer or notary. If you are planning to get a mortgage on the real estate you are going to buy, the contract shall be reconciled beforehand with the bank's legal office.


Sign the contract.

After the contract is signed and the tax is deducted, the contract is certified by the notary.


Pay the puchase price.

If the real estate is paid for in two or more instalments, the real estate agency carries out the entire transaction of the real estate buyer in compliance with the contract. A notarised contract is kept on the premises of Ljubljana Real Estate. If the real estate is a subject of mortgage credit, the contract is delivered to the notary for hearing.


The real estate is yours.

After you have paid the purchase price, we will draft the handover minutes and carry out the handover of real estate. During the handover procedure, we shall check if the state of your new real estate is compliant to the contract and arrangement and make an inventory of municipal utility connections (electricity, gas, water …) and counter readings. Your data shall be delivered to the providers of these services (Elektro, VOKA, manager …).

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