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Selling real estate in 12 steps on the basis of our tested method

Selling real estate with the help of Ljubljana Real Estate agency ensures the biggest profit possible with least effort. A reliable and professional procedure is carried out in 12 basic steps, stated below.


Selecting a real estate agent

At first glance, selecting a real estate agent seems as a very simple task, but as a matter a fact, only the right one can bring gratifying results. Too often, the real estate agent is selected by the wrong reasons: because s/he is our relative, acquaintance, s/he does not charge commission etc. Selling real estate is too demanding to pick the appropriate real estate agent only on the basis of criteria, stated above. Imagine you were a sportsman and you would select your physician, say a knee specialist, based on similar criteria. Would you go and see an acquaintance that has only started his/her own business and has no experience of whatsoever? Or would you go to see a friend that works in some orthopaedic clinic? Would you consider visiting the first doctor you find on the internet? Those of you who seek quality services and want to make the most of the time you spent for you real estate, would probably select a specialist with long history of experience in the field of healing knee injuries. Selecting a real estate agent is no different.


Collecting information regarding real estate for sale

When taking over real estate for sale, we make a mediation contract to formalize our business relationship and gather the following information regarding real estate:

  • location (access, infrastructure, marketed/illiquid ...)
  • information regarding the construction (year, materials ...)
  • information regarding the renovation (year, subject of renovation, manner and materials, permissions ...)
  • position of the facility or real estate
  • size and ground plan (residential area and area in total, the size of the plot ...)
  • floors (elevator)
  • actual condition of an apartment building (maintenance, tidiness, condition of the staircase, roof, facade, elevators, isolation, reserve fund ...)
  • actual condition of real estate to be sold (maintenance, condition, furnishing ...)
  • joint ownership or sharing (pantry, basement, balcony, terrace, attic, drying rooms, bicycle shed, garage, parking space ...)
  • monthly expense (Elektro, Voka, heating, telecommunications, total cost, manager, reserve fund, construction land etc.)
  • ownership record (one or several owners)
  • checking for possible chain contracts
  • information regarding the floors
  • the purpose of sale
  • the desired time of sale
  • the desired selling price, stated by the owner (solid reasons for stating such a price)
  • defining the way of marketing and advertising (website, portals, print, internal ...)
  • checking the amount of profit tax according to the registration time of the owner's residence in real estate
  • possible information, given by the agent, regarding the actual sale of similar real estate at the same or some other location
  • signing the Mediation contract
  • real estate photographing (instantly or at some other time if not appropriate for taking photographs)


Checking the legal condition of real estate

We shall check the legal condition of real estate on the basis of the selected data and documents and draft a market analysis of real estate or an evaluation of its market value that shall include:

  • checking the actual land registry entry
  • checking for possible burdens of real estate (seal, notice, mortgage ...)
  • checking the amount of tax according to the difference between the price of GURS (the surveying and mapping authority of the republic of Slovenia) and the desired selling price
  • making a selection of similar sold real estate at the same or some other location, stating the selling price and time of sales
  • if necessary, the real estate agent can propose a new selling market price according to the actual condition of real estate, tax, GURS, reached selling price of similar real estate, desired time of sale …)


Real estate selling plan

Every real estate is advertised as arranged with the owner of real estate: via our Ljubljana Real Estate website, real estate portals, print and/or via internet marketing.​


Visiting real estate

We organise the visits and lead the potential buyers to your real estate. Before making an actual visit, we shall call your number to finalise the details regarding the visit.​



Negotiations and meetings take place at the business premises of Ljubljana Real Estate. If need be, the meetings can be attended by our lawyer. If the negotiations are successful, we shall prepare the documentation and order a draft of the contract.​


Making a contract

The contract can be prepared by our lawyer that specializes in real estate business. The contract is then sent or delivered to all clients for inspection and its content harmonised until the final signing takes place. The contracts are not of the design type but an individual contract is drafted just in case.​


Signing the contract

The contract is usually signed at Ljubljana Real Estate premises, or in some cases, at the notary's or the lawyer's office. After the contract is signed, Ljubljana Real Estate is obliged to issue an invoice for the payment of real estate mediation.​


Preparing the documents and safekeeping the contract

We shall monitor and organise the implementation of the contract provisions (earnest, repayment of the purchase price instalments …). We shall prepare and fill out all the documentation necessary for the tax bureau, tax payment and contract certification at the notary's office. Notary certified contract is kept at the notary's or at Ljubljana Real Estate as arranged beforehand.


Monitoring the payment

If the payment is subject to instalment, we shall take care of the entire payment logistics. Ljubljana Real Estate will make sure that the buyer is handed over real estate when the seller receives the payment for real estate.​


Real estate handover

After you have signed the contract and read the handover minutes, we shall carry out the handover of real estate and check if the state of your real estate is compliant to the contract and arrangement and make an inventory of municipal utility connections and counter readings (electricity, gas, water …). Data of the new owner shall be delivered to the providers of these services. Congratulations, your real estate is sold!

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