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Stylistic and professional counselling regarding the interior design

At Ljubljana Ambience, we will take care of all the small details that will make your home an even prettier and more pleasant place than it was before. 

With the help of our reliable professional partners, also from abroad, we provide an exclusive service of counselling, projecting, and decorating your home. We are at your service for the execution of a single solution or the entire project.

Do you want to live and work in practical, safe and aesthetically comfortable premises? Your wishes can come true with the help of interior designers who will guide you through the entire process – for you to feel nice at home.

Interior designers can advise you when making decisions regarding the setting of individual pieces of furniture and when arranging all the details in an individual room or in your entire home – full service counselling. After the interior designers talk to you and see your real estate, they will make sure that the spectrum of colours and different shapes will enable your relaxation and have a positive effect on your well-being as well as encourage your inner feeling of relaxation.

Ljubljana Ambience provides an individual approach to multifaceted solutions that will enable easier, faster and safer decisions.

Ljubljana Ambience has collaborated in different projects around the globe. The projects differ in nature and in the level of difficulty: real estate is situated at exclusive locations, private yachts, vacation villas, prestigious apartment complexes, and also some completely normal city apartments.


Since we provide individual solutions, the nature of our work is no different, so our approach is unique for each individual project. The entire project of interior design or architecture of business or residential premises is drafted and carried out in direct collaboration with our client.


Step one: Talk

We shall discuss your desires and expectations at the first, informative meeting. We shall outline the desired course and scope of our collaboration. We shall work together to create an idea and then Ljubljana Ambience will provide the needed solutions to your desires. The steps, stated above, shall be repeated until you are satisfied with the final draft.


Step four: construction works

Ground plan and space measures are the basis for the projecting. If you fail to provide the two, we shall provide the missing for you.

Call us on a complimentary telephone number +386 (0)1 2445000 or contact us at info@ljn.si .