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Ljubljana, Vič-Rudnik

Description of the real estate

In an excellent location in Črna vas, just a few minutes' drive from the Supernova shopping center and the center of Ljubljana itself, as well as the connection to the southern part of the Ljubljana ring road, in the embrace of the Ljubljanska barje nature park, four two-apartment houses will soon be available, characterized by an attractive architectural appearance and functional layout of rooms.

The location is an excellent starting point for day trips - nearby are Podpeško Lake, Krim, Rakitna with its lake and numerous walking trails, where sports enthusiasts can also go by bike. Otherwise, the immediate surroundings of the houses offer endless walks along the pathless Ljubljana Marshes, where you can admire many types of plants and animals.

The "Barjanski cvetovi" neighborhood is suitable for young families and anyone who loves nature, a healthy and active life.

The houses have a direct access to the main road, which is currently in the process of being completely renovated and widened with sidewalks, which will also provide a safer path for pedestrians and cyclists.

There will be four two-apartment houses occupying the ground floor and the used attic. Each will also have a corresponding part of the yard intended for parking two cars.

The total living area of ​​each unit is 164.0 m2 and includes a daily living area with a kitchen, bathroom, boiler room and room on the ground floor and two children's rooms, a bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe, a bathroom and a utility room on the first floor.

The construction of the buildings will be skeletal from glued wood. Frame houses actually belong to a larger category of house types called passive houses. All passive and also skeleton houses are characterized by very little energy consumption for their operation. Their great advantage is the exceptional thermal insulation of the building and the airtight design of the perimeter. They are characterized by a thermal envelope without thermal bridges, ventilation with energy return and energy-efficient windows.

If you had to quickly describe skeleton houses or passive houses with a few words, you would probably mention the words economy, comfort, airiness, light, excellent quality of living with low energy consumption.

The tentative date for moving in is summer 2025.

You are welcome to contact our sales department for additional information.


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Real estates

Internal identNo.SignAreaArea netPriceStatusGround plan
PH1.1KHouse, Semi-detached164 m2126.7 m2349.990 €Reserved
PH 3.1.House, Semi-detached164 m2126.7 m2389.990 €Available
PH 3.2.House, Semi-detached164 m2126.1 m2399.990 €Available
PH1.2House, Semi-detached164 m2126.1 m2359.990 €Available
PH 4.1.House, Semi-detached164 m2126.7 m2349.990 €Available
PH 4.2.House, Semi-detached164 m2126.1 m2355.990 €Available
PH 2.1.House, Semi-detached164 m2126.7 m2399.990 €Available
PH 2.2.House, Semi-detached164 m2126.1 m2389.990 €Available

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Draško Jovićević

Licenca: 01009

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