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In an elite location in Rožna dolina, surrounded by above-standard ...


Ljubljana, Vič-Rudnik

Description of the real estate

The location of Villa Enajstka offers a green oasis and a lot of peace, as it is located directly next to Tivoli Park, and it is only a little over a kilometer from the city center.
The villa is located in the well-recognized and elite Rožna dolina, just 250 m from Tivoli Park, which will allow you to relax and unwind without wasting time. You can easily go on foot to run errands or to work in the city center, as an easy walk will only take you 15 minutes. In the immediate vicinity, of course, there is also the path to Rožnik, and for the youngest, the zoo and playground in Mostec. For a well-deserved coffee, you will be able to go to several cafes in the Tivoli Park itself, or take a slightly longer walk to the Koseški bajer. For recreational enthusiasts, the trim track that runs between Tivoli and Rožnik and offers many devices for exercising and strengthening the body is an excellent choice.
There will be 11 above-standard, architecturally perfect apartments, three each in the atrium and the first two floors, and two terraced, penthouse apartments. The apartments on the ground floor will be atrium, while the terrace apartments will pamper you with two luxurious terraces.
All apartments will be equipped with ceiling cooling from the renowned manufacturer Harreither, and additional wall heating next to the shower cabins is planned in the bathrooms. In addition, a recovery ventilation system will also be installed.
The height of the ceilings will be above standard - 2.6 m, which will provide the apartments with optimal lighting and a feeling of spaciousness.
Most of the apartments will be over 100 m2 in size, with the exception of the ground floor atrium two-room apartment measuring 42.10 m2.
Parking is provided in the basement level, which is accessed by an automatic elevator. Each apartment (except the smallest) has two above-standard parking spaces with a cable charging station for electric vehicles. Three parking spaces will be used for parking motorcycles, and all apartments also have their own storage in the basement.
Villa block Enajstka will continue the traditional design of an old-town villa, namely the existing larger trees will be preserved and new indigenous greenery will be planted, and the surroundings of the building will be surrounded by a fence, which will allow children to play carefree on the children's playground in the home garden.
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Real estates

Internal identNo.SignAreaArea netPriceStatusGround plan
PS1259465SJ1Apartment, 2-room77.9 m242.1 m2452.160 €Reserved
PS1259466SJ2Apartment, 4-room224.2 m2125.9 m2Occupied
PS1259467SJ4Apartment, 3-room138.2 m2112.7 m21.053.435 €Available
PS1259468SJ5Apartment, 4-room142.5 m2119.9 m2Occupied
PS1259469SJ6Apartment, 4-room136.6 m2110.8 m21.075.330 €Available
PS1259470SJ7Apartment, 4-room138.4 m2112.9 m21.091.320 €Available
PS1259471SJ9Apartment, 4-room136.6 m2110.8 m2Occupied
PS1259472SJ3Apartment, 4-room216.6 m2110.9 m2Occupied
PS1259478SJ8Apartment, 4-room142.5 m2119.9 m2Occupied
PS1259479SJ10Apartment, 4-room186.4 m2115.7 m21.881.000 €Available
PS1259480SJ11Apartment, 4-room220.2 m2111.8 m21.936.920 €Available