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Ljubljana surroundings, Logatec / SOLD

Studio Apartment Sale

  • 2023
  • 31.8 m2

Description of the real estate

Apartment S15-2 is located on the 2nd floor of the building with a total area of 31.80m2 and includes:

- dressing room (4.26m2)

- bathroom (4.84m2)

- living area (22.70m2)

The apartment will have an associated storage room on the ground floor of the building and an outdoor parking space and/or garage.

In the intimate oasis of Castle Park in Logatec, surrounded by green areas and walking paths, 17 apartments will be available in the newly built multi-apartment building "Castle Park".


Logatec Castle Park is a beautifully landscaped area of centuries-old trees, and in the center is the restored Logatec Castle, which was declared a cultural monument of local importance in 2007.

Sports areas, a camp and a restaurant with a children's play area are also available in the park area.

Otherwise, the location is located next to the main road Logatec - Idrija and is approximately 5 km from the highway junction. In the immediate vicinity, there is all the necessary infrastructure, Tabor Elementary School, a kindergarten and several commercial areas. Ljubljana is about 25 km away by highway.


The floor plan building P+2N+M+G will represent 17 apartments and 2 business premises on the ground floor. Each apartment will have a storage room and a parking space. Heating will be arranged via a gas stove, and cooling via air conditioners, for which preliminary preparation will be arranged.


The facility will have 17 apartments with associated storage rooms and parking spaces. The surfaces of the apartments will be between 30 and 120 m2.

There will be two business spaces on the ground floor.



The foundation is made with a foundation plate 40 cm thick.

Supporting structure

The supporting structure will be brick and concrete (horizontal and vertical structures. The structural system is represented by brick walls with AB ceilings.


The floor, walls and ceiling will be insulated with thermal insulation. climatic zones. Layer thicknesses are accurately processed in sections.


The facades are homogeneous, structural elements will not be visible. The color of the facade will be off-white, and the loggias will be covered with wooden boards. The fence of the loggia, which will be glass or metal, will represent a "facade" in certain parts, even though it will be transparent. Preparation for air conditioning will be carried out in the lodges.


Gable roof with a slope of 40 degrees, the direction of the ridge in the longer direction of the building. Flat roof: Sika foil will be anchored to the thermal insulation, made at a slope of 0.5% to 1.5% towards the drain and filled with gravel. There will be no roofing with the exception of sheet metal borders. The sheet metal will be anthracite gray.


Doors, windows

The entrance door to the facility will be aluminum with lighting. The entrance door to the apartments will be aluminum, anti-burglary with a cylinder lock, fire resistance EI 30. The door on the evacuation route opens in the direction of the exit from the building. The doors to the garages will be PVC, sectional, opening under the ceiling. All interior doors in the apartments will be wooden in a wooden frame - drywall. The width of the door frame depends on the thickness of the wall. Windows will be made of PVC profiles, protection against the sun will be an external blind or blind.

Soil treatment

The final floor covering is ceramic or parquet.

Treatment of ceilings

The ceiling, which is represented by concrete slabs, will be sanded, plastered and painted.

Wall treatment

In all rooms, the walls will be plastered, sanded and painted.


Gas heating from the common boiler room.


Cooling will be provided through air conditioners for which preliminary preparation will be made.


Ventilation will be natural via window openings or preliminary preparations will be made for the installation of local ventilation devices (e.g. Lunos).



The fecal sewage system is connected to the existing mixed sewage system. All waste water is connected to the public sewage system.


The buildings are connected to the public water supply via a meter in the existing external water meter shaft. The average pressure in the space encroachment area is 3 bars.


The two buildings will be connected by building a new low-voltage line to the existing transformer station on the V side of the area.

Heating and cooling

Energent is a natural gas system: for heating, air conditioning or ventilation of rooms and preparation of hot sanitary water. The main gas shut-off valve and the regulation assembly are located in a cabinet built into the facade of the building. Ventilation of the bathroom, pantry and toilet is compulsory. The other rooms are ventilated naturally. A vertical drain with ventilation is installed above the roof of the building.

The stated price includes VAT of 9.5%. It does not include the price of storage rooms, parking spaces and garages.

When buying an apartment, it is mandatory to purchase 1 outdoor parking space (7,000 EUR) and 1 storage room (6,500 EUR) or garage (35,000 EUR).
A building permit has already been obtained for the facility and the general conditions of sale have been accepted. Reservations are currently being accepted.

Construction is scheduled to begin on February 1, 2023, and to end on September 1, 2024.

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Real estate data

  • Location: Ljubljana surroundings, Logatec
  • Property type: Apartment
  • Property subtype: Studio
  • Size: 31.8 m2
  • Floor: 2
  • Year of build: 2023
  • Conditions: New (building)
  • Ident: PS1542259417ME

Equipment for real estate

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Agent\is contact

Nataša Podlogar

Licenca: 00785

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