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Ljubljana Real Estate is the only real estate agency that specializes in Ljubljana and its surroundings. Due to innovative approaches that result in our clients' trust, we are good at achieving excellent business success. Due to the agency's recognisability, modern work environment, team spirit and great intuition for work opportunities, our agents are very busy. For that reason, we offer many career opportunities and gladly accept new individuals that are searching for new challenges in our midst. Do you want to become a part of our team? Call us or better, give us a visit.

Are you thinking of retraining?

A real estate agent is a relatively new profession in our society. Due to the real estate licence, the profession gains more and more respect. It also enables a good income, but the latter depends on each individual, his/her will, recognition of the opportunities and constant search for new horizons.


Why will you enjoy the real estate business?

You will meet new people.
You will make new acquaintances.
You will gain experience in the area of marketing, law, finance, tax, construction, architecture, history, art and psychology.


If your characteristics are the following, you are the right person for the position of the real estate agent. Are you:

  • dynamic
  • communicative
  • self-disciplined
  • persistent
  • self-critical
  • optimistic
  • positive

ready to work in a team?

Call us on a complimentary telephone number +386 (0)1 2445000 or contact us at info@ljn.si .